Pagliacci (Nedda)

In the very complex role of Nedda, Yannick-Muriel Noah showed not only superb singing ability, but also a deep understanding of the character. Her Nedda was obviously torn between loyalty to her husband and passionate love. She was emotional, tender, and caring as real-life Nedda, but could also be comedic and seductive as the actress in the commedia dell’arte.

In a playful, bubbly rendering of the beautifully melodious Ballatella, the singer reveals the “real” side of the commedia actress, a basically happy nature which also has a strong yearning for a life free from any chains. The ballad is one of the moments of captivating lyrical beauty that revealed the great versatility of this singer.

[...] the vibrantly warm presence of Nedda who was a perfectly convincing as a woman torn by her loyalty to her husband and her desire for a better life [...]
—Capital Critics Circle